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Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Our team has extensive experience in welcoming volunteers from all over the world to Tanzania, placing them at their project of choice and finding them friendly local host families.
Over the past five years, we have placed more than 200 volunteers at different placements in Tanzania and have worked with a number of partners, such as ICYE, Open Door International, Grenzolos, PeaceWorks and United Planet US.

Severin Mapunda: Executive Director -

Role and responsibilities

As executive director, Severin mainly focuses on developing United Planet Tanzania's new strategies and programs.
His main responsibilities are:

Designing trainings for volunteers, project coordinators and host families;
Creating annual plans and budget forecasts for United Planet Tanzania;
Maintaining good communications with United Planet Tanzania's partner organizations;
Developing strategic partnerships with new possible partners;
Handling communications with other stakeholders, such as government officials and donors.

He is available for general support to volunteers from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm, but in case of an emergency, he is available 24/7.


Severin began his career as a social worker in 1999, when he served as a volunteer for Students Partnership Worldwide (SPW) in Lushoto, Tanzania.
Since that time, he has developed extensive experience in youth and volunteer programs management. He worked with a wide number of national and international volunteering organizations covering a variety of roles:

Program Officer - Health Department at Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO);
Program Manager at Restless Development;
Programme Coordinator in the Ex-Volunteers Network Program at SPW.

He has been Executive Director at United Planet Tanzania since 2012.

Severin graduated from the Institute of Social Work Tanzania and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in social work, specialising in child and youth development.

He is enthusiastic to learn about other cultures from international volunteers and in his spare time he likes swimming and playing football.

Ramadhani Mlegelo: Country Coordinator -

Role and responsibilities

As country coordinator, Rama is the main point of contact between volunteers, their host families and their projects.
His main responsibilities are:

Helping volunteers to adjust to the Tanzanian culture and providing them with continuous support;
Being at the airport for the arrival and departure of the participants;
Arranging meet-ups with the volunteers to make sure everything is proceeding as expected;
Giving two days orientation to all new volunteers;
Finding new host families and projects;
Organizing trainings and meetings with the host families and the project coordinators to prepare them before the volunteers arrive;
Preparing the agreements and contracts for the volunteers to sign;
Following the Work and Residence Permit process from application to completion for long-term volunteers.


Rama was born and raised in Dar Es Salaam, but has been involved with volunteer work all over Tanzania. He started working with United Planet Tanzania in 2011 as Volunteer Liaison and later became Country Coordinator in 2013.

He graduated in 2012 with BA in Industrial Relations from the Institute of Social Work, Dar Es Salaam. During his university years, he worked with Restless Development as IRC-Supervisor. His role consisted in leading a team of 25 volunteers at the university and in raising awareness about the projects funded by Restless development and the Institute of Social Work. Additionally, he was a researcher for the Information Resources Centre and for Restless Development and he provided peer-to-peer consultation to other university students.

Rama loves football and he is a loyal Liverpool supporter!

Giovanna Carraro: Consultant – Marketing, media and fundraising -

Role and responsibilities

Since October 2016, Giovanna has been consulting with United Planet Tanzania to help restructure the organization.
Her main responsibilities are:

Performing field evaluations of the current partner projects;
Expanding the list of available programs and placements;
Writing the content for United Planet Tanzania's new website;
Updating United Planet Tanzania's social pages (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn);
Leading the conversations with all the volunteers coming directly through United Planet Tanzania;
Using paid and owned media to recruit new volunteers.


Giovanna was born in Padova, a town half an hour away from Venice, Italy.
She started her career in media and marketing in 2014 at Mediacom, where she acquired extensive knowledge of planning and managing the implementation of direct marketing campaigns across multiple media lines, focusing mainly on digital, social media, TV and press. She worked across several non-profit clients and learned more about how international NGOs work. In July 2016 she started working at Fetch, where she developed a more in depth knowledge of mobile marketing campaigns.
In October 2016 she decided to further enrich her work experience in the non-profit sector by becoming a consultant for United Planet Tanzania.

After finishing a bachelor degree in Media and Communication in Milan in 2011, she moved to London to do a Master Degree in Media, Communication and Development at the London School of Economics.

In her spare time, Giovanna loves travelling and she is passionate about planning holidays for her and her friends! She also likes reading, watching movies and cooking and hopefully she will soon be able to master the secrets of the Tanzanian cuisine.

Marta Mattioli: UX/UI Designer and Web Developer -

Role and responsibilities

Since December 2016, Marta has been consulting with United Planet Tanzania to help restructure the organization.
Her main responsibilities are to completely redesign and develop United Planet Tanzania's new website as well as to provide her support in all areas where needed.


Marta spent the first 21 years of her life in a small town near Bologna, in Italy. In 2012 she moved to London and worked in media and marketing for the next 5 years. During this time, she began working for IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group) and became their Mobile Marketing Manager, getting ever closer to Web Development and User Experience Design. In order to advance her skills in these subjects, she took a UX course and taught herself basic coding languages such as HTML and CSS. Now she is collaborating with United Planet Tanzania to further master her knowledge on user centred web design and development.

Marta graduated in Economics and Finance in 2013 from the University of Bologna.

In her spare time Marta likes to play sports, such as tennis, swimming and cycling; she loves the outdoors and is passionate about dancing to the sound of bongo flava!